Information on the following scholarships is now available in the Guidance Office. Stop in for details.






American Legion Skilled Trades Scholarship  pursue a career in construction/building, automotive, advanced manufacturing or energy.  $1,000.00  4/5/24 
Cass County Conservation Club Scholarship  Seniors who have been accepted to college and plan to pursue an area of study related to Conservation and / or Agriculture.  $1,000.00  5/1/24 
OMNI Community Credit Union Scholarship  Students that are members of OMNI Community Credit Union, min. GPA 2.75, accepted to college/university /  vocational school  $5,000.00  4/5/24 
SET SEG Skilled Trades Scholarship  Students who took a CTE course their Junior year or as a senior, taking a CTE course now and plan to pursue a skilled trade upon graduation  $500.00  4/15/24