Enroll a Student

Sturgis High School serves students in grades ninth through twelfth grades. Students who are new to Sturgis High School are required to enroll with a parent or legal guardian. 

At the time of enrollment, the student's parent or legal guardian is required to present the following information:

  1. Birth Certificate (Original County or State Certified)
  2. Custody papers from a court (if appropriate)
  3. Proof of residency (driver's license, utility bill, lease, phone bill, etc.)
  4. Immunization record
  5. Transcript of grades or last report card

In some cases a temporary enrollment may be permitted.  If that is done, the parents will be told what records are needed to make the enrollment complete.

Students enrolling from another accredited school must have an official transcript from the sending school in order to receive credit from that school.  The Guidance Office will assist in obtaining the transcript if not presented at the time of enrollment.

Adult students (18 years of age or older) may enroll themselves, but if residing with their parents, are encouraged to include them in the process.