Mission & Vision


Believing that all students can learn and be successful, the staff of Sturgis High School accepts the responsibility of continuing to create and teach an effective, broad based curriculum, in order that students may become responsible and productive citizens.  The staff will foster a desire for learning and, with community and parental support, will provide the opportunity and environment to challenge students to reach their potential.


 As the faculty and staff of Sturgis High School, we believe all students deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and to know they will be provided with every opportunity to reach their full potential.  They deserve to be treated fairly in a safe, clean, and nurturing learning environment by competent, caring and compassionate adults who are concerned with meeting the emotional and academic needs of all students.  Students deserve to know that we have high expectations for each of them, as students and as humans, and they will be provided with a well-rounded offering of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that celebrate student success and help them in achieving their goals.  All will be provided with access to technology that advances their learning experience and exposes them to relevant, real-world experiences. 

 As a caring community, we believe it is our job to provide all students with a quality educational experience that promotes a passion for learning, self-confidence in students’ abilities, and equal and consistent treatment.  They should be exposed to a rigorous and relevant curriculum, knowing and mastering the content expectations at every level. It is our responsibility to challenge all students to remain life-long learners who will become responsible adults, strong leaders and productive citizens. 


 As the students of Sturgis High School, we believe all students, regardless of our areas of interest, deserve a learning environment that embraces our unique qualities and pushes us to reach our full potential.  We desire a safe and exciting atmosphere-one where we are encouraged, respected, and equipped to think independently.  Students deserve the resources and technology available to pursue our areas of study with exposure to relevant, real-world experiences that will prepare us for life after high school.  It is also of great importance for the staff and students to have an open line of communication.  Students should feel comfortable in knowing that the staff cares about our success and well-being.  Ultimately, we believe that school should not only be a place of intellectual growth, but also a place where we can cultivate social skills and develop stronger character.