• 1963 Vocational Education Act was passed.
  • 1964  Study concluded that 67% of the state vocational education supervisors wanted a career/technical youth group for students in office/business programs.
  • 1966 Vocational Office Education Clubs of America (VOECA) was formed. Articles of incorporation were filed for the Office Education Association (OEA).
  • 1982 The present National Center in Columbus, Ohio was purchased.
  • 1988 The OEA became Business Professionals of America.
  • 1998-2002 Delaware, Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas pilot a New BPA Middle Level program.
  • 2002 The Middle Level Program was approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • 2003 The BPA Middle Level Division is born.
  • 2004 Middle Level Division members participate in the National Leadership Conference.
  • 2006 BPA celebrates its 40th birthday.

Sturgis High School History Through BPA

1997 Sturgis High School first joined BPA. Two students attended the Regional conference at Michigan State. Both placed in Regionals and felt the school would benefit from being involved in BPA. Next year Sturgis High School BPA consisted of 12 people, and to this day continues to grow.