Information on the following scholarships is now available in the Guidance Office. Stop in for details.






 GOCC Presidential Scholarship  GPA 3.5 or higher at end of 1st semester Senior Year.  $4,000.00 3/1/21
 GOCC Dean's Scholarship  GPA 3.0 or higher at end of 1st semester Senior Year.  $2,000.00  3/1/21
 GOCC Foundation 2021 Scholarships  open to any senior going to GOCC in the Fall.  Several are available with varying criteria  amounts vary
 Elk's National Foundation Legacy Award  Seniors who are children / grandchildren of an Elk's member $4,000.00 2/5/21
 Aquinas College Spectrum Scholarship Competition   Students that have been admitted & excelled in academics, leadership, athletics or community service.   varies $15,000.00 to $20,000.00  competition dates are 11/21, 12/5 and 2/6/21
Ceres Solutions Scholarship Seniors involved in 4 years of 4-H or 2  years of FFA.  Parent / grandparent must be member of the cooperative. $1,000.00  3/1/21
 Lake Michigan Credit Union Lloyd F. Hutt Scholarship  Any senior planning to enter a trade school, college / university in the next academic year  $2,000.00 1/31/21


Interested students can learn of the requirements for admittance to one of the nations top military academies by logging on to their respected websites.

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Naval Academy -
Merchant Marine Academy -
Coast Guard Academy -
West Point Military Academy -