School Closings

Weather Cancellations, Delays and Emergencies

What is the best way to stay informed of weather related and other emergency cancellations or delays?

1.    Sign up for PowerSchool Announcements!
2.    Listen to local radio. WBET-Sturgis, WTHD-LaGrange, WLKM¬≠-Three Rivers, WKFR, WRKR, WKMI-Kalamazoo
 and Battle Creek.
3.    Check TV Stations. WWMT(CBS)-Kalamazoo, WNDU(NBC)-South Bend, WOOD(NBC)-Grand Rapids, WOTV(ABC)-  Battle Creek, WXSP and CW7 West Michigan for all the latest information.
***If you don't get a phone call when school is cancelled, please check your PowerAnnouncement settings from your PowerSchool Parent Portal. Only those parents that have completed these settings will be called when ever there is a school cancellation or delay.***
Please call 659-1565 if you are not receiving a call.